Deer Feed

Nutrition is an important factor in raising healthy deer as well as antler growth on those big bucks you are trying to harvest.  Here at Blue River Outdoors we offer two different kinds, Buck Nuggets and Nutra Deer.  Both are proven winners.  We also offer mineral and power corn.

Nutra Deer Power Corn

Buck Nuggets 26% Deer Feed & Attractants

Nutra Deer 17% Deer Feed

Antler Builder Nutra Deer Mineral

Boss Buck Deer Feeders & Accessories

Boss Buck Feeders are gravity feeders are a high quality feeder at an affordable price.  They are constructed of 3/8” thick walls of UV resistant HDPE Plastic.  The feeding system has three ports that are 10” wide.  The lid is designed with a loose fir for ventilation and made for easy access for filling.  Legs are 14 gauge galvanized steel.  The feeder has stainless steel inserts and galvanized hardware.  Boss Buck also offers a variety of accessories including conversion kits to release feed when you want it too charged by battery or solar panels.